THEFAF ALRAFIDAIN Group for general contracts Ltd., is a prominent, deep-rooted, dynamic, and reliable Iraqi company that operates in different fields; such as the design and execution of infrastructure, medical, educational, water and wastewater fields, electromichanical, pipeline, oil and gas facilities.

THEFAF ALRAFIDAIN Group is also involved in EPC projects such as Numaniah project, accommodation and catering, trading and supplying, equipment and tools, and market resource, in addition to survey and soil investigation, services and maintenance sector and others.
Our company’s name, THEFAF ALRAFIDAIN, was inspired by the two great rivers; Tigris and Eu phrates that pinpoint Mesopotamia. The two rivers flow through the northern up to the southern region of Iraq and meet at al-Basrah where they discharge into the Shatul-Arab canal, which connects with the head of the Arab Gulf.

Over thousands of years, ancient and greatest civilizations have flourished by these two riverbanks of; the Mesopotamian civilization and its iconic empires Babylonia, Sumer, and Akkad, which had represented historical icons and scientific platforms for their inhabitants over time. The two rivers have been and still are the backbone of the economic, political, and social life of ancient and modern Iraq. These two rivers are recognized as the point departure of the civilized life in the region and the world as a whole. Thus, our name was from the spirit of bestowal and glory of these two great rivers.

In the early 1990's, several projects have been executed and supervised by Eng. Nadhim Moloki Abboud at the national level in the republic of Iraq. Ultimately, the year 1998 witnessed the birth of THEFAF ALRAFIDAIN in al-Mutanabi district in Baghdad, Iraq and the beginning of many major projects to come. Nowadays, the company is proud to have executed many projects in different fields in an attempt to contribute to the rebuilding process of Iraq.
To hold a leading distinctive position in the fast growing national and regional contracting markets in terms of performance and delivery.

We, at THEFAF ALRAFIDAIN welcome all international companies to join us and help us play a critical role in building a prosperous future for Iraq.
Developing profitable businesses and providing high-quality performance while respecting the assigned budget and schedule and adhering to the best safety procedures and practices, in order to achieve the operational excellence for building a better future.
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