Renovation ALQOSUR W.T.P
Date : 18/April/2017
Location : Mosul City - Ninwa Governorate
Client : UNDP

Signed the contract with UNDP for the project Renovation ALQOSUR W.T.P (OLD & EXTENTION) Mosul City - Ninwa Governorate. (23/Sep/2017) The company has achievement of Al Qosur Water Treatment Plant after liberation from terrorist organization ISIS, The project has been completed in record time did not exceed 4 months.
The project included the processing of the lost pumps because of the occupation of the area by the terrorist; the cadres of the company were entered immediately after liberation and work in difficult conditions for the presence of mines and explosive devices. This project serves more than thirty quarter in the left side in Mosul city where it provides them with drinking water.

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