Nawaaer Tourist City Project
Scope of Work :
This is a private investment project that is fully funded by the company's headquarter. Its goal is to create forty-four integrated apartments that are especially designed for tourism leasing purposes only.

The project includes building a two floor restaurant with an area (2500 cqm) for each floor, and a two story casino over an area of (1300 cqm), in addition to building fast-food floor shops on an area of (500 cqm). The project also includes a marina for boats and a game centre lounge. Due to its location, on the bank of the Euphrates River in the city of Ramadi east of Iraq, along with a bridge overlooking this project, making it a beautiful tourist attraction point.
Project Location : Al Anbar Governorate/ Al-Ramadi
Client : Thefaf Al Rafidain Group for General Contracts/ Investment Contract
Contract Value (US$) :
Contract Start Date : 1/7/2010
Contract Completion : 1/8/2012