The Elimination of the Sediment In Front of Nazm Al-Thrthar in Samarra
Scope of Work :
This project includes dredging and removing Al-Jezra dam’s sediments lying down in front of Samarra dam on Tigris River, with the amount of one million cubic meters of sedimentary soil. In addition to removing all the excavations dregs outside the river and cleaning the reeds of Al-Jezra dam by using hydraulic dredges of which the company imported especially designed to work in these depths, and with commensurate discharging volumes with the required productivity required to finish the work.
Project Location : Saladin Governorate/ Samarra
Client : Ministry of Water Resources/ Department of Water Dredging Work
Contract Value (US$) : 5.500.000.000
Contract Start Date : 1/12/2012
Contract Completion : On going