Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Saidati Al Jamila Bridge in Mosul, Ninewa Governorate, Iraq
Scope of Work :
THEFAF ALRAFIDAIN CO. has been awarded the contract from UNDP. The Saidati Al Jamila Bridge located in al-Zuhour city is connected to the Al-Muthanna neighborhood, where the bridge was damaged by terrorist bombings. The damage rate was 65%.

The company has constructed the bridge wall for four spaces and has been established spaces, tiling, finishes, columns, lights and sidewalks. The bridge was delivered three months before the contract.
Project Location : Mosul, Ninewa Governorate, Iraq
Client : UNDP
Contract Value (US$) : 1,089,050
Contract Duration : 8 Months
Contract Start Date : 8/Oct/2017
Contract Completion : 15/March/2018