Design and Execution of Al Bu Adhm Concrete Bridge on River General Estuary, Supplementary to the Second Passage in Nasiriyah Project - Suq Al-Shuyukh
Scope of Work :
The Project includes the Design and Execution of Al Bu Adhm Concrete Bridge located on River General Estuary and supplementary to the Second Passage in Suq Al-Shuyukh, Nasiriyah Governorate. Work phases shall include drawings preparation by the consulting office, earthworks execution, soil leveling, land surveying works, and casting 24 piles of 21.5 m in diameter and 26m in depth, then casting pillars of 1.2 m in diameter on top of them and in various heights. The Work shall also include executing wide bridges and walls to support them on both sides of the bridge, executing concrete transoms, casting both the ceiling and walkways, and completing nearby works and all required works for the Project completion.
Project Location : Nasiriyah City
Contract Value (US$) : 4,677,146
Contract Duration : 700 days
Contract Start Date : 13/ Dec / 2020
Contract Completion :