AL-Qubah Water Project
Scope of Work :
The project includes a combined water unit with a capacity of 500 m3/h with pumps imported from the German company “Wilo”. Among the combined unit is the construction of a concrete tank with a capacity of 1000 m3 near the combined unit. The high-pressure pumps will be used to deliver water to the intermediate tank, which has a capacity of 1000 m3 with a 50 mm diameter Ductile pipe. After delivering the water to the intermediate tank, the water is transported to the neighboring villages by means of a polyethylene pipe with a high-quality ISO certificate, as well as transporting the water to an iron tank implemented by UNDP to deliver the water to the neighboring villages. The length of the transmission line from the intermediate tank to the iron tank is 13 km long.
Project Location : Almosul City
Contract Value (US$) : 6,000,000
Contract Duration : 360 Months
Contract Start Date : 1/ Sep / 2020
Contract Completion : 1/ Sep / 2021